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EVI Dan's Swapdust 2.jpg
D4niztic为(Dan's) Swapdust绘制的LOGO。
原名 (Dan's) Swapdust[a]
常用译名 丹的逆塑尘芥(正式译名)
创始者 D4niztic
发布日期 2021-4-11
状态 已完结
You can't win.
——D4niztic对Dan's Swapdust的概括

Dan's Swapdust(正式译名:“丹的逆塑尘芥”)是由D4niztic创作并所有的Swapdust个人翻版项目。


D4niztic为Dan's Swapdust绘制的初版Papyrus与Sans像素sprite图。

2021年4月11日,D4niztic在Twitter与DeviantArt上发布了其执笔的四个Dust系叠加项目(Dan's Dustfell、Dan's Felldust、Dustswap、Dan's Swapdust)中主要角色的像素sprite图[1],同时他在简介宣布自己已经创作了Swapdust的个人翻版,并计划让这个项目更加“独具一格”。

同年8月17日,D4niztic在DeviantArt发布了题为“Astriction/束缚”的Dan's Swapdust官方美术作品,并在其简介中口述了该项目大致的旧版官方剧情。

随后的某个时间内,D4niztic在“Astriction/束缚”的投稿标题中写上了“Outdated”的字样并删除了简介中的剧情大纲,表明该份作品所展示的内容将不再是Dan's Swapdust的官方内容。

2022年2月13日,D4niztic在Twitter上发布了Dan's Swapdust的新版概念图[2],并声称自己“正在对传统设定做一些巨大的改变”。









接下来的情节将类似于Dusttale: Renewed。Papyrus着手屠戮了每一个怪物,而“烟雾Sans”也将作为他的幻觉而存在。当Papyrus吸烟时,一个神似Sans的形象将从他的烟雾中浮现,面带笑容,双眼空洞。这也是Papyrus唯一能再和“Sans”互动的办法。



And the last one for today, i might make one for swapfelldust as well, but it's not likely to happen, idk lol

the 4 or 5 images im gonna post are gonna be all archives for my dust aus and takes, along with the images itself giving some design updates i felt like were needed, while the description is gonna contain the actual concept behind the au, the lore of it and some additional info

Concept: As well as Felldust, the concept is pretty simple, it's just dusttale happening on underswap, nothing much, but well, i tried to make it a bit less reskinnish lol So underswap paps kills everyone in order to stop the human, or maybe not because of that?

Lore: The lore would be based around paps starting to kill everyone, not because of sans death or anything, but actually because of asgore's death, he doesn't watch it, but listens as asgore tries to reason with the human before getting brutally murdered Paps scared of how strong the human might be, as he just fricking killed the before king of the underground with such ease, slowly starts elaborating his plan as sans keeps playing around with the human, and that lack of interest on his plan would be what brought sans into his demise Because of paps being absent during sans puzzles, chara would do something not expected to anyone, they would start a fight with sans, immediately taking the chance of his guard being down to kill him, but, not succeding, sans manages to dodge chara's attack and so a fight begins, ending up with sans getting killed after a few misses The dusttale part would start right as paps comes to sans, rambling about his big plan to supposely "teach the human a lesson", but oh, seems like paps was too late Paps at that moment would notice that his plan had a flaw, of him not being strong enough to execute it as sans isn't there anymore to help him The plan is never really explicit, but its shown to involve a lot of cheating against the human, and stealing their exp would be the new cheat that would be introduced into the plan I haven't put that much thought on swapdust tho, so the lore would follow kinda the same as dusttale renewed at this point, paps kills everyone, but with also the addition of smoke sans, a format similar to sans head with a smile and eyeholes would form with paps smoke, being the only way paps could interact with "sans" again (yeah, he's just another hallucination)

Not much more i have to say here, but the lore would be mostly based around on paps growing "depression" during his kills, instead of the disappearence of guilt, his guilt only grows more and more, if that makes sense

Additional Info: All of the writings on his jacket are actually created by his unstable magic, and NOT written on it with a pencil or some shit, they're just an alternative way to describe paps emotions without using dialogue or expressions

Paps has a limited amount of cigarettes, so he is rarely seeing smoking along the story

The sans smoke can supposely talk, but again, only paps can hear what he is trying to say

Paps, different from the other murderers, does not like playing with his food, so his appearences would be minimum along the story, and side characters would have more appearences such as nine cream guy, burguerpants, muffet and etc.

If there's anything more you'd like to know, ask down in the comments

Please do not use this artwork anywhere without actual permission of mine, if i didn't allow you to use, it's most likely because i had a good reason to refuse, so please respect my choice and do not use this even after declining permission

Dusttale by: OSTEOPHILE Underswap by: Hatsune Miku Swapdust by: Forgor lol Take by: Me

D4niztic 2021


D4niztic为Dan's Swapdust绘制的现官方Papyrus与Sans像素sprite图。






Dan's Swapdust新版剧情原文(英)

Swapdust: it's about paps trying to save everyone from the human by evacuating them from isle to isle of the underground, with the last effort of him being shoving everyone inside the core and locking all of the entrances, leaving it impossible for chara to reach any of them aside from paps
but shit goes on, chara and paps have a fight on the true lab while he was finishing of some configuring of the thing, and chara ends up making paps slip up and fuck up the core, to the point of making it explode, killing everyone inside of it
that practically kills himself as well, as the last thing he sees on his screen is his brother being blasted into dust as the tv would cut off
left alone and empty, he begins wandering around the new home, waiting for frisk as the words that echo in his mind end up filling his jacket, replacing the funny quotes, his face disappearing inside his void like hood
he has an insane amount of def and hp, so he's practically impossible to kill, or pass, as he would stand in front of chara in the judgement hall, not doing anything
he wont attack, but wont die
you can't win




  1. D4niztic在创作自己的Swapdust翻版时并未在标题中添加任何个人标识而将其保留为“Swapdust”,为避免混淆,本条目的名称及条目中有关该项目的称呼均更改为“Dan's Swapdust”。

    在D4niztic的理解中,Dan's Swapdust是“在Underswap的基础上进行世界观的Dust化”,这与Swapdust原作的现持有者Kurbo0的理解是大致相同的。而在Dan's Swapdust中,其剧情将会有所不同。




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